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Portrait Procedure & Fees

Portrait fees start @ $10,000 per person for oil and $3,500 per person for charcoal.
All travel, lodging, framing and shipping expenses are in addition to prices.


There are usually no more than two sittings of 1 1/2 to 2 hours for each subject
At the first sitting photographs will be taken. Backgrounds may be indoors or outdoors, and special requests will be honored.

The portrait will then be painted in Coni's Studio and a second sitting will be required for the completion. It is requested that the same attire worn a the first sitting be worn at the second sitting.
Completion time from the first sitting to the final sitting is 9 months to a year.


Using large fluid brush strokes with volumes of color creates a distinctive style... .which
makes Adams' portraits easily recognizable to bring a portrait to it's completion
Coni uses a wet on wet approach, sometimes using a palette knife and at other times brushing thick pure paint over wet or drying areas.


It's been Coni's experience that many clients prefer that the artist choose the frames for their portraits. Coni's frame supplier has developed frames uniquely suited to Coni's painting style. Choice of moldings is meant to accent the portrait while not distracting from the Subject. If you choose to purchase a frame from the artist pricing can be requested.

All frames are manufactured here in the USA. A week or two before Coni's return for the final sitting the frames are shipped to the place of completion. It is requested that the box not be opened since hardware and other materials may be misplaced.

At the final sitting, the likeness is reviewed and any final details are added. The portrait is placed into the frame. It is requested any changes be made at the time of completion.

Coni's sincerest wish is that all clients are fully satisfied.

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